Competitive Advantage


We believe we set ourselves apart from competitors with our unique structure and strategy.



We are a relatively small real estate private equity firm. As a result, we are able to quickly react to macro and micro market changes without getting caught up in red tape. Being lean allows us to keep our costs and overhead significantly lower than the same costs incurred by larger firms. 


We have an in-house management team. As a result, we are in full control of asset management and property management. Having an in-house management team allows us to completely oversee and execute every step of the Gateway Multifamily Value-Add Model for each property we acquire.


We have a very targeted approach. As a result, we only focus on one market at any given time and have a full grasp of market fundamentals. The targeted approach allows us to build relationships with local apartment owners, brokers, and lenders who help us to stay ahead of the curve with regard to available properties. 


We allow accredited investors to participate in offerings. As a result, investors are able to deploy capital while remaining completely passive. Being passive allows investors to get all of the benefits of investing in multifamily real estate without any of the headaches typically involved.