Frequently Asked Questions

Review our FAQ and get in touch with us if your questions have not been answered.


How can I participate in future offerings?

In order for you to participate in future offerings we must determine that you are a good fit for us. This begins with the Investor Application. The Investor Application must be submitted in order for us to determine whether or not you meet our income, and net worth requirements. 

If the initial Investor Application is approved, you will speak with our leadership to determine your investing goals. If our leadership feels that Gateway will be a good fit for your investing goals, you will receive more information on previous offerings and also be contacted about future offerings. 

When a future offering intrigues you, we will give you all of the vital information necessary for you to make an informed investing decision. If you decide to invest in an offering, we handle all aspects of the acquisition, asset management, property management, and eventual divestiture. Our offerings are completely passive for investors.

Where can I find information on previous offerings?

The acquisitions section of our website explains our strategy, target markets, target properties, and outlines the properties in our portfolio.

However, deal specific information such as investment highlights, property overviews, and financial analyses are only available to investors who have been approved to participate in future offerings. 

How and when do I see a return on my investment?

If you participate in one of our offerings, you will see a return on your investment in a number of ways. The amount of the return and the timing will be specific to each offering depending on the business plan and exit strategy.

You will receive a return on your capital invested in the form of a preferred return that is paid out quarterly using the cash flow the property generates. You will also receive a portion of the overage profits. 

You will receive a return of your capital invested when the property is refinanced and/or sold. You will also receive a portion of the profits from the sale.