Named after the highest structure in the St. Louis region, Gateway Multifamily has helped renters of all types reach new heights in their lives by creating the best possible renting experience. Ironically, our story begins below ground in a basement apartment located in Guelph, Ontario - about 700 miles from the Gateway Arch. It was here in 2009 that an undergraduate Real Estate and Housing student at the University of Guelph rented his first apartment and found that there were glaring holes in the way many landlords maintained and managed their rentals. From his experience with his landlord and stories from other students, he found many inefficiencies and problems which led most landlords to provide a horrible customer experience and in some cases an even worse product. That undergraduate student was Raj Tut, the Founder and Principal of Gateway Multifamily.

Four years, countless hours of research, and an undergraduate degree later - Raj Tut decided to relocate to the St. Louis region. The reasons were simple; submarkets within the area appeared to be lagging behind similar submarkets in other cities that already bounced back from a brutal recession some years earlier, and there were many opportunities to follow through with his idea of transforming the renting experience. With limited resources and limited connections, our Founder and Principal started Gateway with one acquisition — a single mobile home valued at roughly $13,000.00.

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From the beginning, our focus was on adding value to society by improving properties and positively impacting the lives of the humans affected by those properties. That would happen by adding value to the lives of as many property sellers and brokers as possible by freeing them of their under-performing, under-utilized, and headache properties. Also, by adding value to the lives of as many residents and tenants as possible by providing them with amazing spaces to live, work, play, and store their belongings in. Finally, by adding value to the lives of as many employees and contractors as possible by providing them with rewarding, challenging, and meaningful careers. In short, we do it to add value.

Soon after that, we sold the few small properties we had acquired and transitioned into the next phase of our growth with the purchase of an apartment community. It was with this community that Gateway began fine-tuning our approach of transforming the renting experience through branding, operations, and property improvements. We implement these improvements into every property acquisition and development we undertake.

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Our branding improvements come in the form of us developing a narrative that gets woven into the fabric of each property to signal to potential renters what that property represents in terms of lifestyle, safety, and other factors. Each property's branding is unique and cohesive from the property level to the internet. We also leverage technology such as 3D tours, online bookings, and more to ensure the best possible leasing experience for renters.

Our operations improvements come in the form of our in-house property management company, Tut and Tut Properties, an incredible team of talented individuals who dedicate their lives to making renting simplified. Each property is given the same level of care and thought. We also leverage technology such as automatic rent payments, online maintenance requests, and more to cut down on inefficiencies which allows us to pass those savings on to our residents and tenants.

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Inc. 5000 List of America's Fastest Growing Companies (2018)

Our property improvements come in the form of us renovating and building beautiful spaces that will withstand the test of time. Each renovation or construction project is done with long-term thinking in mind as we believe in pride of ownership and plan on owning our properties indefinitely. We also leverage technology such as smart thermostats, smart power strips, and more to ensure the best possible end product.

Over the first few years, we continued to grow through the acquisitions of multifamily properties. Last year, we began to expand through the addition of self-storage, multifamily, land, retail, and office properties as we saw a need for the transformation of other rental experiences outside of apartments. We received numerous awards and recognition from Inc. Magazine, St. Louis Business Journal and Multi-Housing News for our fast growth and some of our transformation projects.

Now, more than five years after our humble beginnings of a single mobile home property valued at roughly $13,000.00, Gateway Multifamily owns over 617 rental units totaling approximately 421,753 square feet on 38 acres at nine different properties - valued at over $40 million. Although multifamily is still our focus, in recent years we expanded to retail, office, and self-storage properties to continue transforming the renting experience for a broader range of clientele and creating better rental spaces for tenants of all types to live, work, play, and store their belongings in.

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There's no telling what the future holds for us as we continue to grow within the St. Louis region and expand to other cities. However, one thing is inevitable: Gateway Multifamily will maintain its obsession with providing extraordinary rental spaces and continue with a steadfast commitment to quality, resulting in - renting, transformed.